A dose-saver solution for mass vaccination programmes.

Medical authorities, policy makers, and vaccine manufacturers need to think carefully about the ways in which mass vaccination, like COVID-19 or influenza, can be delivered expediently to the population and must consider the best tools for the job. Not only from a cost perspective, but also by utilising most effectively the amount of medicine or vaccine available.

Vaccine loss close to zero with Low Dead Space hub.

Pfizer and Biontech have included TSK’s Low-Dead Space Needle in a list of compatible needles/syringes potentially able to retrieve a sixth dose of its mRNA vaccine. For further information, please visit the Pfizer product website in your country for further information or contact TSK Laboratory.

TSK Laboratory has designed a patented needle hub called the TSK Low Dead Space Needle which eliminates the wasted space inside the needle hub. The LDS hub is designed to reduce, as close to zero as possible, the space left behind in the needle hub, leading to significant product savings when injecting high cost drugs or precious vaccines. A standard hypodermic syringe with a standard needle has an average dead space of 99µl. This would present a significant loss of vaccine medication per person injected.

Cumulatively this could result in fewer people vaccinated with the quantity of vaccine produced. Whilst so many vaccines are still in development, now is a perfect time to consider potential mechanisms for making vaccination, and particularly mass vaccination, more efficient by using the best possible needle technology. No matter which vaccine candidate proves to be the most effective and safe, maximising the efficient and reliable deliver to a global population will be key – waste is not an option.

White paper: ‘TSK LOW DEAD SPACE Needle can help in the fight against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2)‘.

Vaccination needle products.

The Low Dead Space Needle (LDS) hub is designed to reduce the effective space left behind in the hub as close to zero. This new patented LDS hub design results in average savings of up to 0.031ml, leading to significant product savings while working with high cost or drugs limited in supply.

The LOW DEAD SPACE needle are made using an extremely hard polymer preventing “flexing” of the hub when exposed to high pressures. The needle hub allows for an even tighter luer lock connection because of the built-in exterior treading. Ultimately minimising the risk of leakage and pop-off.

  • Available in 23G x 25mm (1”) or 38mm (1,5”)
  • Available in 25G x 25mm (1”) or 38mm (1,5”)
  • Product loss close to zero
  • Minimal pop-off risk

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Compare LOW DEAD SPACE vs conventional needle.

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