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At TSK Laboratory International we believe in relationships. We are interested in building a two-way connection with aesthetic trainers and training institutes like yourself.  Our vision is to move the aesthetic industry forward and help generate the best possible outcome for your daily aesthetic treatments.

We would like to get to know you, to better hear and listen to what you have to tell us. To better understand what you believe really matters in aesthetics. We also believe knowledge and experience is the basis of a successful practise.

TSK supports aesthetic training courses and is setting up a network of training programs for TSK clients. If you have a training program and are working with TSK products, or would like to, please get in touch so we can inform TSK clients in your region about your courses.

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TSK aesthetic training partners offer
aesthetic courses for all experience levels.

TSK Laboratory International offers you a unique opportunity to attend a highly-specialised medical aesthetic masterclasses led by multi-award-winning tutors and key opinion leaders. In these aesthetic training courses, elite tutors will share their in-depth knowledge and experience through one to one guidance and detailed hands-on lessons; sharing personal techniques and advanced tips and tricks. TSK Aesthetic Training partners will help you to develop your professional competencies, enhance your practical skills, and elevate your aesthetic practice to the next level. This will allowing you to achieve added success and the confidence to treat patients with the utmost precision and safety.

You will be able to obtain a better understanding of facial anatomy, identifying structures like skin layers, fat pads and vessels, including ‘danger zones’ when approaching facial aesthetic treatments. Appropriate use of pharmaceutical products and medical device in relation to the underlying facial anatomy. Correct placement and injection techniques in relation to the underlying facial anatomy, through simulated filler injection, inspection and discussion. You will be better able to assess strategies to rejuvenate the skin by relating anatomical knowledge to product use, injection technique and your choice of devices, thus increasing your confidence and expertise as a facial aesthetic clinician.

Awards winning tutors – Hands-on experience – One to one guidance – Small group size

Aesthetic training services.

Anatomy cadaver training.

Inject and dissect. Gain knowledge of the various anatomical planes, muscles, fat compartments and neuro-vascular anatomy within the facial area.

Clinical injection training.

Provides a bespoke hands-on practical clinical injectable training on the safe and appropriate use of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers on models.

Private shadow training

Inject and dissect. Gain knowledge of the various anatomical planes, muscles, fat compartments and neuro-vascular anatomy within the facial area.

Train the trainer courses

Teaching others is an art that comes naturally to few, but is a skill that you can learn. Such skills are important for those providing training in Aesthetics.

Learn from the best in the field.

Aesthetic training partners.