Clean, efficient, organized.

The TSK Treatment Tray allows clinics to efficiently prepare for a procedure before the patient arrives, giving the practitioner more time to focus on the patient as well as the procedure itself, ultimately improving the clinical outcome.



Prevent cross contamination.
Sterilization 121C up to 15 min.

Only clean disposables should be placed in the area marked ‘clean’. After use these
disposables should be placed in the area marked ‘used’. The TSK Treatment Tray can
be cleaned using all types of cleaning solutions and sterilized using steam sterilization
at 121 degrees Celsius for up to 15 minutes.


All your products at hand.
Proper preparation saves time.

Having all your disposables at chairside and ready for use saves time. After removing the cap from the TSK needle capsule the needle can be affixed onto the syringe and placed in an upward position in the needle capsule cut-out or in the optional TSK needle holder.



Standardize procedure set-up.
Everything you need in one tray.

Creating a standard procedural set-up without having to look for the disposables
during a procedure helps the practitioner work more organized. The TSK Treatment
Tray is designed to be compatible with all TSK needles, TSK cannulas and all major
BoNT vials and Dermal Filler syringes.

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