Why would you work for us?

You will be part of the growing and ambitious environment of TSK Laboratory International. A dynamic organization in full expansion, internationally oriented and with an absolute drive to maintain the energy and atmosphere of a small organization. We value a hands-on approach and allow you to excel, develop, create and implement your own expert knowledge that can be converted to the best results. We support our employees to further develop their competences and interests. We are a down-to-earth, results driven organization with short lines of communication and quick decision making. We have an ambition and passion to become a strong leader in the medical device industry and want to realize this with the best people and breakthrough innovations.

What we have to offer?

Quality healthcare and insurance benefits.

Family planning and flexibility to accommodate a good work-life balance.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts to create your own pathway to well-being.

Hear from our colleagues:

Kana Ebina, TSK Laboratory Int. Japan

“Working at TSK is an essential part of my life and it’s exciting every day. I joined the company when the team was still small, which allowed me to do different kinds of work. Something i enjoy. The more you experience, the more you grow.

Sometimes we operate in high pressure situations. But we have a great team. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. Even teams that are working in a different time zone.

Another part I enjoy very much is communicating with our global offices and international customers. I love to interact with people from different cultures. It also helps to maintain and improve my language skills.”

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Doris de Beer, TSK Laboratory Europe.

“We want to create a work environment at TSK where everybody can become an integrated part of the organization.

This means not only having plenty of responsibilities, but also having the authority to make decisions. Our people continue to develop this way and have all become valued members in highly efficient teams where there is a common sense of achievement.

We do this in a global, multi-cultural environment in which there is a great level of respect and where we support each other both inside and outside the workplace.”


Mai Ueda, TSK Laboratory Int. Australia

“TSK will never stop innovating. This also applies to TSK staff. Even though our team members are already experts in their area, we never stop enhancing our knowledge and capabilities. Our relentless passion and curiosity leads to our new technologies, that help improve medical procedures and the quality of peoples lives.

TSK puts trust in their employee and provides growth opportunities, if it sees the potential. For instance, I started as an intern 3 years ago. Now I fulfil a management role.

Lots of opportunities and adventures await you at TSK. I am sure that you’ll never get bored here!”