International key opinion leader Jani van Loghem.

Jani van Loghem, vice-president of the Dutch Society of Aesthetic Medicine (NVCG), Head of the Department of Aesthetic Medicine of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ECAMS), and member of the esteemed Expert2expert group, specializes minimally invasive aesthetic treatments such as injectables, liposuction, lasers and chemical peels. Jani has been responsible for the content and execution of a 2-year curriculum of the new official medical profile specialty Aesthetic Medicine, which is held at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam.

Jani: “I see the field of Aesthetic Medicine as a new medical specialty. I take my patients just as seriously as any other specialist does. Aesthetic Medicine is a fast growing and exciting field and I want to be part of its development.”


Even before Jani graduated from med school, he was already trained in injectable treatments in early 2004. After his medical studies, Jani worked as a junior doctor in general surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery. He learned working with aesthetics in different private clinics and through many congresses, conferences, training courses and workshops. From his background as a medical biologist and his interest to dive deeply into the literature, he developed a thorough understanding of the science behind aesthetic medicine, which he applies in daily practice from his own clinic in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His clinic offers patients a wide variety of procedures; from plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine to skin therapy and beautician treatments and is an established destination for patients seeking quality in the Netherlands and beyond.

International Key Opinion Leader

At his educational institute of aesthetic medicine in Amsterdam, Jani receives many dozens of doctors a year from around the world for specialized advanced training programs in injectables. As Head of the Department of Aesthetic Medicine of ECAMS, he is responsible for its cadaver-based injectable courses with the most successful course being the Master Course in Nonsurgical Facial Transformation which is held worldwide. He is a well-known speaker at many international congresses like AMWC, ISDS, ASAPS, IMCAS, Face2face, WCAD, AMEC, and many more. Jani has been traveling the world to visit colleagues to exchange knowledge, tips and tricks with especially the Merz portfolio as a Global Key Opinion Leader. As a founding Global Faculty Member, Jani has laid the foundations of the international training program of the Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics and is actively involved in the development of many training programs offered by Merz. At JVL Projects, Jani is conducting clinical research for his PhD thesis at the department of Ophthalmology of the University Medical Center in Amsterdam focusing on injection-based periorbital rejuvenation.

Dr. van Loghem teaches at these academies: