Course abstract

The Advanced Injector Course is intended for experienced aesthetic practitioners with a minimum of 100 documented aesthetic patients over the last year. To participate in this course, more in-depth knowledge is required from the physician, especially about anatomy, as well as more practical experience, in order to master the more advanced techniques. The course has been designed to be very practical. It is relevant in terms of the amount of requested treatments by patients, and easy to directly apply into the physician’s aesthetic practice. The course contains a theoretical and a practical part, divided over one full day. The theoretical part of the course is in the morning, where the practical part is in the afternoon. We created a modular, indication-based course that will discuss the following topics:
1. Theoretical background

• Relevant anatomy
• Aging process and beauty aspects
• Danger zones
• Products and techniques of choice

2. Practical application and hands-on training.
At the practical training, technical skills are monitored by the trainer. Based on skills, the physician will receive individualized advise on how to improve techniques to a higher level. At the course, the physician will work with hyaluronic acid and biostimulatory products like calciumhydroxylapatite.

Course goals

After completion of the theoretical part of the Advanced Injector Course, the physician will have relevant and adequate knowledge of:

• The anatomy of the more advanced filler injection indications
• The aging process of these dynamic anatomical structures
• The danger zones at those sites
• Safe (and dangerous) injection techniques at those sites
• In-depth knowledge of injectable products: hyaluronic acid and biostimulary products with their characteristics for different indications
• Choice of products and needles / cannulas


09:30Welcome and registration
10:00The anatomy of the advanced filler injection indications: temporal area, malar area, infraorbital area and mental area
11:00Coffee break
11:15Beauty philosophy and the aging process of the face
11:45In-depth knowledge of biostimulatory product: calcium hydroxylapatite
12:15Safe (and dangerous) filler injection techniques for the advanced indications: standard protocols
12:45Lunch break
14:30Practical hands-on training
17:30End (please allow for running late)

Course tutors.