Course abstract.

This full-day course covers the use of cannula and needle injecting in the mid-face area.  Full facial assessment and treatment planning with the goal of achieving natural aesthetic outcomes based on anatomical ageing and the ideologies of beauty.

This course is aimed at delegates with previous experience in dermal filler injections to the mid-face.

During this practical course, teaching is focused on demonstration and supervised practice. We will cover full facial assessment with regard to proportion, balance and the concept of PHI. The focus will be on rejuvenating the mid-face which includes tear trough, anterior cheek and the nasolabial area.

We will discuss and assess the anatomy of ageing with respect to skeletal changes, deep tissue changes, muscular changes, subcutaneous fat and skin.  We will bring together the anatomical basis of ageing with facial assessment to create treatment plans using toxins and fillers, needles and cannula to maximally restore and enhance the mid-facial area.

This training course is conducted under supervision and legal responsibility of Dr Ravichandran and A.T.A. Glasgow.

Course tutors.