Course abstract.

Using a cannula to place Dermal Fillers in the lips results in less pain, less swelling, less risk of bruising and higher patient satisfaction with treatments.

This course involves an introduction to the different types of cannula available for aesthetic treatments in the lip and perioral areas.  On the day we review the anatomy of the ageing lip for the purposes of complete rejuvenation. We discuss the variety of dermal fillers available on the market for use in the lip and perioral area.

Another area we look at is full-facial assessment to ensure your client is comfortable with how their enhanced lips will fit in alongside the rest of their facial features.  We will also discuss how to consult with your patient to minimise the risks of any complications arising.  Finally, we will talk about the use of Hyaluronidase in the event complications do occur in the clinic.

Delegates will be able to observe lip rejuvenation treatments being performed with a cannula by one of our doctors. We then have a practical session where you can rejuvenate the perioral and lip area on your own patient under the supervision of one of our doctor trainers.

This training course is conducted under supervision and legal responsibility of Dr Ravichandran and A.T.A. Glasgow.

Course tutors.